Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hey amigos! Do you see a happy familia?

On Tuesday, Nathan took his FINAL final exam. He is done. He has nothing more that he has to study. Nothing. The whole family is VERY happy about that, and we thought it worth a big celebration. So we called the whole family together for a Fiesta! When Nathan arrived at our place from taking the test in Madison, WI, the decorations were up, the food ready, and the salsa music on! :-) Balloons congratulating him with "Spanglish" phrases like "Feliz Quizo" and "Bueno Job-o" and "El Duno" hung from the ceiling, with multi-colored streamers, and cumin was in the air!

Anyhow, we had fun and are SO glad he's done. Of course, he won't find out until April if he passed or not (we are assuming he did, though). At that point he will be an official attorney in both the state of California, and - much more conveniently - the state of Wisconsin.

Congratulations, Nathan!


Ortega Recorder said...


A Fiesta - we, of course, think that is perfectly fitting :0)


robnt said...

The Gould Clan sends congratulations, as well! The fiesta sounds wonderful!

The Goulds

Justin Kelly said...

Congrats, boss!

I'm hoping a reading of "Fox in Socks" was included in the

Mrs.Van Dellen said...

I add my congratulations, too! I am happy for you, Nathan, and your family. So nice you could have a celebration to commemorate the important occasion!

The Huber Family said...

Congratulations Nathan (and Jeanine). Remember, behind every good man is a great wife! (or something like that) Looks like your party was a bit more elaborate than the one we had for you with the little horns on the driveway. :)

God has blessed!!

micahdk said...

Hey there Mr. Nathan! ; ) I found ya! It's Micah here. Looks like you're doing great over there across the pond. God Bless

The VHS said...

You Amigos SO happy fo you Natan.

CONGRATULATIONS Nathan....We are so happy that you are finally finished. Looks like you all had SO much fun. God's blessings on your wonderful family...Much Love,
The Von Holtens

Carlson Family said...

The Carlson family...aka...
your proctors say..."esto es bueno para nuestra iglesia" or in english...this is good for our church!! CONGRATULATIONS Nathan and family...we love ya:)