Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keepin' Cool

After a very cool and rainy spring, summer arrived this week with a heavy dose of heat and humidity. Although we've had quite a bit of work to be doing in preparation for the coming weeks of traveling, we have also realized that all work and no play doesn't accomplish much - especially when there are little ones (and big ones) that need cooling off! So, the pool has been put into much use this week. Miss Isabella had her first introduction to the pool and LOVED it. Grace and Camille are still unsure about the whole thing, and Caroline has proved herself quite the little swimmer!

In other news... Yesterday Dad and Mom celebrated 33 years of marriage!! Happy Anniversary!!! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a picture of them to put up here yet (we're all running around trying to finish everything up before a busy couple of days/week coming up). Hopefully I'll get one up here soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer and Sickness

Well, we're a bit overdue on updating here. But we do have a legitimate excuse - illness has struck the community. I'm the only one in this house who got really sick, but as various members of church and extended family have dealt with the bug, our lives have been effected by that as well. But backing up, here's a little more info on the last post.

Jonathan, Joseph and Joanna have been getting together with Aaron E, and Ethan W, (both from our church) on a semi regular basis this spring trying to put together some fun bluegrass style music. As they were rehearsing one evening, Mom came downstairs with an idea... which soon sprouted into two ideas and before you knew it they had adopted a name, signed up for a local talent competition, and filled out an entry form for a local parade (which takes place annually on the first weekend of June - big stuff for a small town). The name they adopted for themselves was "Pieces of Eight" which comes from the fact that all three families represented in the band are from families that have eight children.

So, Friday, June 5th came around and with it came lots of truck polishing and testing of the sound equipment (provided, of course, by Resounding Voice).

When it came to testing microphones, little people volunteered for the "open mic". We have the sweetest recording as they sang from their repertoire of favorite songs!

Saturday, June 6th dawned nice and rainy, but with the aid of an umbrella (held generously through the entire parade by Josiah) they made it through the first event. We headed home for dinner and rest - joined by a few of the Powers and surprise guests Phillip & Katie! Thanks for stopping in! It was wonderful to get a short visit in with you!

It also happened to be Ethan's 18th birthday, so we had to sing and celebrate! Soon after dinner, we headed over to the festival grounds and found our way to the Entertainment Tent where (sometime after 7:30) Pieces of Eight would be called to the stage to perform one number before a panel of three judges. Due to the fact that one member of the band was over 21, they were slated to compete in the Adult Division. Thus, as their fans cheered from the back of the tent, they blew away the judges and audience with their excellent execution of "Thank God I'm A Country Boy". (Incidentally, the most critical of the three judges was one who had performed that song at the Grand Ole Opry 30 years ago). They were the second to compete in their division, so we sat and patiently endured the remaining performances, until finally all were finished and the results were in. We held our breath as 3rd place was announced, then as 2nd place was announced, then we set up a great "drum roll" for the 1st place winners.... and we were delighted to cheer ourselves hoarse as "Pieces of Eight" was called up to take a bow!

Moving forward to Monday - the most important fact about Monday was that it was Williams 3rd birthday!! But life quickly became more mundane, as also on Monday illness struck. And then, by the weekend, kids and cars were being shuffled around as various ones headed to the doctor, or - in Tom's case - to the hospital for several days. While Nathan and Jeanine were occupied with caring for Tom (Nathan's younger brother), we got to have their kiddos here! And what fun we had!

Although the weather has been very cool still, we did open up our pool and despite the less than ideal temperatures (water and air) a little bit of sunshine goes a long way and the pool could not be resisted.

We didn't just play all weekend, though. We did get some work done - like finishing getting the screens up and paint down on our back deck, and getting the riding lawn mower working again!

That just about brings us up to today, although we could also mention doings on Sunday afternoons at the Webbs (on the 7th) and the Hills (on the 14th), but I'm sure you all aren't really interested in more pictures and tales of volleyball, eating, and visiting with our church family... :-) If you are, I'll just have to send you over to Wendy's blog, where she has tons of pictures from our Sunday afternoon at their house, and, if you keep scrolling down, more pictures from the parade and performances of "Pieces of Eight" - if you come across the picture where the members of "Pieces of Eight" are all standing with a foot on a trash can... well, just know that it has significance.

Looking ahead there is a bit of traveling in store for us. Various members of the family at various times over the next 6 weeks will find themselves in Ohio, Massachusetts, Iowa, Arizona, and Georgia! So, here's to good health, happiness, full energy, and vehicles with AC!

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen... The 1st Place Winners of the 2009 MD Talent Competition, Adult Division!!!! Congrats guys - and Joanna!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Little People

Well, at 5 months she has mastered the art of getting up onto her hands and knees! Ain't she just so sweet??? We all think so!

These aren't the best of photos, but they're cute and I see a lot of her daddy in her, especially in the one below. I'll have to see if I can find some pictures of Baby Joshy... :-)

On Monday, June 1st, we opened up our pool for the summer. Winston has been talking about the pool for some weeks, so we told him he could come watch us get the pool ready for swimming. It wasn't swimable while he was here, but he had to wear his swimsuit anyway!

Camille has the sweetest, brightest smile, but if you ask her to smile for the camera she scrunches up her face into a cheesy grin... but side shots don't quite show the sparkle in her eyes! She was insisting on sitting squeezed right between Mommy and Grandma and didn't want either of them to give her "more room". She loves to cuddle!

A less cute picture, but a report on our life... these birds are en route to the freezer!