Monday, April 27, 2009

April Showers.... of blessings!

We have been deluged with rain over the last few days and things are starting to really look green! I believe the saying "April showers bring May flowers" was a reference to our climate as it really looks like things will start blooming around here soon!

But aside from the blessing of the new life that arrives every spring, there is another special blessing of which we have received news. Click Here to view a picture that is very important to our family!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preparing for a Wedding Feast

We were honored to be entrusted with the duty of preparing the reception dinner for the 450 guests at Jon and Beth's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and we were so glad to be a part of it.

Beth chose a great menu and gave us her delicious recipes -
Chicken (marinated in Teriyaki Sauce)
Seasoned Roasted Potatoes
Gingered Carrots
Greek Salad
Rolls and Butter

It was a big job but you know what they say. . .
"Many hands make light work."
Thank you, Lord, for your wonderful gifts!

We had a great hard working and cheerful crew.
All the prep work was done Friday night. Thanks everyone!

Jessica did a fabulous job organizing and heading-up the operation. Everything went so smoothly! Way to go Jess!

All the cooking was done on Saturday morning.

Jonathan and Joseph helped out in so many different ways!
Here they are stirring the roasted potatoes.

Our faithful washer-woman, Joanna.

The buffet line. Here people are coming up for seconds.

Coldstone Creamery ice cream for everyone!
Don't you love those bowties!

Guests mingling at the reception.

You may have noticed that part of our family was missing from the crew. Dad stayed home with Josiah who had the chicken pox! Caroline, William, and Grace had it, too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Cousins smiling because it is Spring!

Little people smiling at littler things!

Everyone smiles when birthday time comes!

Above, Caroline & William help Grandpa blow out his birthday candles. Below, Corrine turns 4 TODAY! Happy Birthday, little sweetheart! You always bring smiles to our faces! Even when you cut your own bangs... :-)

And if those pictures haven't gotten you smiling yet, how about this one?

BTW, more pictures of Bella can be found on Josh & Abbey's blog.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, to my dear husband!

Please join me in wishing Rog a very happy birthday!

Rog is a man who serves and serves and serves. He is patient and happy to go the extra mile. He works hard and is comfortable doing the right thing - even if it is very out of the ordinary!

Thank you, Rog! Life with you has been very interesting and never, never dull!

May the Lord bless you with good health and many more blessed years!