Saturday, July 03, 2010


So, the last activity on this site was a post in early June titled "Early May". As we are well past May at this point, I suppose we should move forward!

June was a little bit busy, but - of course - that is usually a good thing! Our camera is AWOL this morning, so until we locate it I don't have more pictures to share (not that we ever take very many anyway), but aside from everyday summer stuff, house projects, and family get-togethers, last month was made extra special by a family vacation!

We haven't taken a real vacation in years (our trips all require lots of working!). However, in early June we took 10 days away as a family to drive down to Florida and visit with Grandma! It was a wonderful and relaxing trip. We took it easy on the way down, even stopping a few times for sight-seeing and museums (something our family does NOT do). We were going to stop at Lookout Mountain, but as it was raining so hard that we could hardly see the car in front of us on the highway, we figured there was no point in driving up a mountain famous for its view... We did stop there on our way home (briefly) and got to watch a thunderstorm roll in at sunset from the top of the mountain. Pretty neat.

While in Florida we had a wonderful time visiting with Grandma, seeing the manatees at a state wildlife park, going to the beach (gulf side), spending time in the pool, getting LOTS of sunshine, visiting with friends, seeing the Atlantic coast of the state, eating, playing tennis, bocce, and fixing a few things around the house. Thank you, Grandma, for a wonderful time!

After arriving back home, we had a few days to get our feet under us, celebrate Father's Day, catch up with the local extended family (married siblings, etc.), before all of us kids hit the road again - once more in work mode! Josh and Resounding Voice took us to Ohio for a conference.

Looking at the calendar for July, various ones will be on the road quite a bit - with destinations in Texas, Arizona, Idaho, and Washington - and we will also have some out of town friends stopping in. So, we'll check in here when we can!

May the Lord bless your summer!