Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hot Dog!

Well, it's the last day of September but it was so fall like that late this afternoon that we decided to have a little cookout with the family - hot dogs roasted over the fire and dutch-oven apple crisp.

Yes, we all smell like smoke right about now...

Grace enjoyed the evening all bundled up warm and cozy in Mama's arms - and often some other relative's arms...

Winston was convinced that there were three snakes and a Stegosaurus in our woods, so Grandpa took the little ones to go look for them... Sadly they were not discovered. It is presumed that their mama's called them in to go to bed.

And now, time for hot dogs!

Monday, September 29, 2008

10th Anniversary - Just Us Together

Okay, just one last post on the 10th Anniversary Celebration! Pictures of "Just Us" having fun together.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

10th Anniversary - Variety Show

Nathan - the evening's MC. You can't really tell, but his pants are a lovely bright blue.

Singing the back up vocals to a specially adapted and arranged Anniversary Song! You ladies were so fun! And, oh, the memories....

On a more serious note, our church's chamber ensemble also performed a couple of pieces they have been working on.

I remember one was by Haydn, but I can't remember what the other one was. I just know that I was holding Winston in the back (standing up so he could see over everyone's heads) and he wanted me to dance to it with him...

The Hirsts and Geaschels singing about the 10 commandments! Well done!

Mr. VH and Mr. Webb share stories about the old days...

And on a more southern bluegrass note - Joseph on the banjo, Jonathan on the guitar and vocals (Josiah, absent, on the string bass/cello), Kathryn & Tara on vocals singing "Sweeter Gets the Journey"

Okay, so that isn't even close to a real review of Saturday night's Variety Show. But it's a few pictures that show, well, some variety. Other skits, songs, jokes and stories were shared, prizes awarded and lots of fun had. Then we took a break to indulge in those prize winning pies, and then gathered back together for a slide show of 10 years of church history! Wow! Things change and people grow a lot in 10 years! After the slideshow, we cleared the chairs back and enjoyed a few old country dances before piling back onto the hay wagon (or in vehicles) and heading back to the campground/Erber's house. A very fun and varied evening, for sure!

10th Anniversary - Pies!

Pie Eating Contest

The men compete eating chocolate pudding and whipped cream pies - and Nathan wins the ribbon and the pig nose!

The younger ones also competed and we won these cute smiles!

The More Important Pie Contest
(at least in MY opinion)

A winning pie! Pumpkin Pecan.

Assigning each judge to his/her category. 27 pies, 4 categories.

A panel of ladies judged the pies submitted by our church's male chefs.

Judging carefully.

Pies, pies, pies!

"I think I need to taste that one again..."

Evaluating, considering, tasting, determining the final results.

I could only eat so much pie, but each one I tasted was SO yummy! I'm glad I only had to appoint judges and announce the winners and not actually do any of the judging myself! Congrats to our winners!! Keep baking, my friends - we are definitely doing this again!

10th Anniversary - Pinewood Derby

(Part of) The Audience

The Final Track Checks by The Master Builder

The Track (early on - time trials, the crowd would grow considerably)

The (old) Official (mail) Scale

(Organizing) The Field

The Competition

A Most Creative Car

The Track (again - from the other angle)

The 2nd Place Winner - Erik

The Trophy, Ribbon, and the Winning Car - built by Jonathan!