Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camille is One!

Monday was a very special day around here - Camille celebrated the first anniversary of her birthday! Happy Birthday, Precious!
We love you SO much!


The DeL Sisters said...

Happy Birthday! Wish we could be there to celebrate the big day!
Aunt Esther

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ! I can't believe its been a year but it is true. Thanks for putting up the picture it lets us see how every one is doing. May God bless you Camille with another wonderful year of growing and learning. May you be a daughter of great blessing to your Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa DeLa

Kim said...

Happy birthday from the Kellys!

Such a big girl.....and a HUGE chocolate cake.....perfect combination!

God bless!

Raeanne said...

Happy Birthday Camille:)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Camille! I can't believe you are one already!

Mrs. Webb for the family