Monday, September 15, 2008

A week of life...

We've now been home over a full week. Much of what has happened since arriving back from our travels was expected, but not everything was. Some of those expected things turned to be unexpected in their execution and though not all of those unplanned events were surprising, some of them most certainly were. All in all, it's made for an interesting week!

Planned: Church last Sunday

Unplanned: The Welcome Home party we were invited to (at our house) by the married Erbers that Sunday afternoon.

Planned: School started in full swing on Monday

Planned: Jonathan & Jessica teach piano lessons on Monday

Entirely necessary and expected: Lots of laundry after arriving back home. That California dust got everywhere! Returning phone calls and emails that came in while we were gone, and all the other typical catch-up stuff.

Planned: Josiah's cello lesson and much needed grocery shopping on Tuesday

Not necessarily planned, but not unexpected: Spending Tuesday sorting through thousands of pictures from the last 10 years of our local church history, and then looking through a few hundred pictures from our California trip and sorting them down to "only 30-something" for the blog post.

Planned: Joanna's violin lesson with a new teacher on Wednesday

Unplanned: Jonathan bought a new DVD burner that works much better than the old one we had around here and backed up a few years of digital pictures.

Planned: Joanna at Jeanine's to help out for the day on Thursday

Planned: Jessica teaching piano lessons on Thursday

Obviously unplanned: Dad & Mom spend the evening in the hospital with friends from church whose daughter had an emergency appendectomy on Thursday

Unplanned: Caroline & William spend the afternoon and evening here on Thursday

Unplanned: Jessica cleans out and defrosts the big freezer and reorganizes the pantry

Unplanned: Jeanine & little ones, and Sara & little ones spend Friday supper and evening here

Unplanned: Jonathan is called out as an extra employee on a job in downtown Chicago from 7:00pm on Friday - 4:00pm on Saturday

Unplanned: Dad & Mom go out to dinner with another couple from church on Friday night

Planned: Church yesterday

Sort-of-planned: Parents here after church to watch a video seminar on marriage, the rest of us watch/entertain kids at church. Big games of "Duck, Duck, Goose" "Simon Says" "London Bridge" and more. The set up was supposed to be different, but weather and other factors forced us to change plans.

Very out of the ordinary and entirely unplanned: A passing comment turned into 18 of us from church heading to Milwaukee to watch a rescheduled-at-the-last-minute-because-of-Hurricane-Ike Cubs game... and we ended up witnessing a moment in baseball history and found our voices hoarse by the end of the night - certain people's voices especially!

Unplanned: Jonathan working in Chicago again in the very early hours this morning... and again this afternoon.

Planned: Lots of prep for this coming weekend and our church's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Unplanned: Preparations delayed due to large amounts of rain in the last few days. It never really rained very hard - it was just very steady rain all weekend long. It's so good to see sunshine again today. Outdoor work resumes!

Planned-but-canceled: Piano lessons today

Planned: Repairs on our little car today, but...
Unplanned: Severe brake problems discovered on our van took precedence and so the little car repairs will have to wait.

Planned as of this morning: Josh & Abbey here for stump-removal and dinner tonight. Josh also plans to move some more of his stuff out of our garage and into his.

Unplanned: We've taken almost no pictures since getting home - except for at the Cubs game. Maybe I'll post a few of those later.

Planned: ...Well, we'll see how plans turn out for this next week! Plans for this week are pretty full, so I don't exactly plan to blog again until early next week after our big church celebration! But, then again you never know what might just come up...

"A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps." Prov. 16:9


Rhonda Devine said...

We can't believe you got to see the no-hitter Cubs game!! Our gang actually went up today to see the game~~
The Devine's

Laurie Bluedorn said...

Anxiously awaiting the Cubs pictures! We didn't get to hear the game as we were traveling at that time in a car with a broken radio.

George and Krista said...

Hi Erbers~

We took Gracie to her first Cubs game yesterday...very spur-of-the-moment trip :) It was almost as good as the one you all saw!

Take Care,

Erber Correspondent said...

Krista - How fun! In our section on Sunday night there were a few very little people there as first-gamers! And spur of the moment things can be so fun. :) It was very convenient of them to reschedule the games so close to home for all of us!

Okay, all. I'll post a few pictures and a video clip from the game!