Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finally, pictures!!

I (Jessica) spent most of the day over at Jeanine's today helping out with the kiddos so she could get some rest, and apparently the internet over there works better and I was able to upload these with no problem! So enjoy!!

BTW - Jeanine is doing very well, but Corrine woke up with a fever, and Winston isn't quite right either! Hopefully they'll recover quickly and not pass anything on to Mama or Camille.

Oh, and some of you have asked, so here is the pronunciation for the little baby's name:
Camille (cuh-MEEL)
Idelette (eed-LET)
DeLadurantey (duh-Law-der-ON-tay)

Monday, September 24, 2007

A couple pictures...

I've tried multiple times today to upload a bunch of cute pictures, but have only been successful with these two. Hopefully tomorrow (or perhaps later tonight) I'll be able to put up some more...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's A Girl!!!

We're praising the Lord today as we welcome into our extended family:

Miss Camille Idelette DeLadurantey

September 22, 2007
12:50am, 8lbs 12oz

Mommy, Daddy and Baby are well and happy - as are Camille's older siblings and relations. More pictures coming soon!


Can you guess why there are a lot of smiles around here this morning?? If not, just wait until I get my hands on a couple of pictures, and I'll post a real update...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister and friend.
May God pour out His richest blessings to you this coming year.

BTW, she isn't home right now as it seems like she just might really get her birthday wish this year. Jeanine's due date is in a few days, and the signs show that the baby might just be born today... which is just what Jessica has been hoping for! Jessica is helping Jeanine until Corrine & Winston wake up from their naps, then she'll bring the two little ones here.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Big Game

Yes, friends, last Saturday was the Big Game. The Second Annual Milky Way Invitational Softball Game. This year, the sponsors purchased a trophy for the winning team, and a trophy for the MVP. It was a dramatic game with the "Green" team taking the lead right away, and holding it until the 9th! But after starting the 9th inning with a dramatic home run by Mr. Carlson ("Get up! Get up!"), which was immediately followed by a Mr. Gould home run, the "Not Green" team went on to score a total of 7 runs in that last inning to take the lead, and ultimately win the game with the final score being 20-15. Unfortunately, a few of those very dramatic moments were not captured by the various photographers present, as I think everyone was very closely watching (and screaming and cheering on) the plays.

While the original intent had been to use a complex voting system to choose the MVP, in the end there was not even a discussion. The choice was obvious and unanimous and before we sat down to dinner, the 2007 MVP award was presented to Mr. Bill Geaschel for his batting record of 4 hits (in 5 at bats), 3 runs scored, and 5 RBIs (with 1 home run), and for his solid defense.

Sadly, our camera broke and we don't have a picture of the MVP with his trophy. I know I did see someone take one, though. If you have it, can you send it our way, please? (Aha! I just found it on the Strand's blog! Thanks!)

Now, for the rest of the pictures!

Like I mentioned, our camera broke, but thanks to good friends (like the Hills and VonHoltens) we've got pictures... and more than we could possibly share with you all on this blog. So, click on the video below to watch a 3 minute slide show that we very quickly threw together using just a few of the pictures! :-) Incidentally, everyone in the pictures also happens to be part of our church... well, except for Justin who flew up from TX for the game.


BTW, the music in the background is from the album "Joyful Harps Encore!" which, of course, you can purchase from our friends, Heather and Raquelle Sheen, over at Joyful Harps. They happen to be gallivanting around Europe right now having far too much fun, but I'm sure they'd be happy to fill your orders when they get home!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cubs Game

Last Thursday, September 6, a bunch of us Erbers, Justin Kelly, Luke and Anna Von Holten, Ethan Webb, Abbey and Wendy Hill, headed into The City for a visit to Chicago's historic and beloved Wrigley Field.

We arrived in Wrigleyville somewhat early, but got to tour the outside of the Friendly Confines, saw a couple of players out jogging, and walked past the historic spot where some of our gentlemen had been stranded earlier this year.

The point of the visit, of course, was to take in a Cubs game live! Although they ended up losing the game in the last inning, it was still a lot of fun to be there - especially with such great company!

Although we had a few drops descend from the overcast skies, it was literally just a few drops and most of the day was absolutely beautiful.

After losing the game, we thought it advisable to give ourselves a consolation prize - while at the same time avoiding some of the worst of the evening rush hour. So we stopped in at Giordano's for some Chicago Style pizza before undertaking the long drive home.

Of course, after a long day of being outdoors you can imagine that... well, let's just say we had a fun time on the ride home which made the drive seem a little shorter!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Visiting with Justin

This past week we had a long weekend visit from an old friend, Justin Kelly. The Kelly family is originally from our area, but moved down to Houston some time back (1993). We'll have a couple of other posts on the major events of the weekend, but here are a few "just visiting" pictures.

Playing Dutch Blitz, with a couple of other friends who came over for the evening.

Looking at pictures... (some of which you'll see on this blog later).

At the batting cages - warming up for the Big Game on Saturday.

The Four playing under the dining room table with Justin.

Of course, we couldn't have a visit from a Kelly without a good game of "Around the World" (or, as most everybody else calls it, "Round Robin.")

Karina Faith

Last Sunday, September 2, our church held a special open house for a special little girl.

The Geaschel family was excitedly packing and planning to join us on our Jamestown Journey back in June, when tests revealed something wasn't quite right with the baby Mrs. Geaschel was carrying. Some weeks later, on July 12, Karina Faith was born with a large tumor on the side of her face. After multiple tests, the doctors discovered that it wasn't what they thought it was but still couldn't figure out what it was. After spending over a month and a half at the hospital in Chicago, treatments were finally determined upon and started and - by God's grace - the Geaschels were able to bring their daughter home. Of course, they still have to return to the hospital regularly for check ups and the chemotherapy treatments, but Karina seems to be responding well to the treatments. You can read more about their story, and their confidence in the Lord, here (you'll need to create a user name and password).

But last Sunday, after having Karina home for a few days, our church hosted a "Meet Karina" open house for the Geaschel's family and friends that have been praying and helping along the way - but hadn't gotten to meet her, yet!

We are so very grateful that the Lord has brought the Geaschel family into our church! The afternoon was a blessing to all who participated and we rejoice with the Geaschel family in this precious daughter, and pray that God would continue to strengthen and protect her.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Coming soon!

There have been a few things going on since the last post on the Driveway Dance. But as part of that has been hosting company, and as our internet has also been a little moody lately, watch for several updates - coming soon!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturday Night Dance

Saturday night the Hill family hosted a driveway dance of old 19th century dances! What a lot of fun everyone had. As you can see in the picture above (which was stolen, btw, from the Hill's Blog), many eras were represented in the costumes!

This picture, of the Grand March, was stolen from Anna's Blog. I guess we were just too busy to take many pictures that evening!

Catching breath, resting feet and just chattin' between dances.

...and Mom said this picture had to go up, too!

Thanks, Hills, for organizing the evening and hosting us all!