Friday, August 31, 2007

The Four

Yesterday and today we have hosted "The Four" at our house, which means lots of extra energy, laughs, smiles and kisses! Nathan and Jeanine had a special evening planned and asked if we could take care of their two for the evening, and then Sara had some emergency dental work done (and then reacted to the medication) so we ended up with the other two with us overnight as well. 2+2=4!

Two of them are still with us (napping as I type this) and the other two have gone home, but what a blast we had with them all! Can't wait to meet Grandbaby #5 and see how he/she fits into this mix!


...And Boys


Anonymous said...

So nice you can enjoy these times. They are clearly a delight. How gracious the Lord has been to have you live in such close proximity to one another and to have opportunity to bless and be blessed.

Rejoicing with you,
Jan / Mrs. Van Dellen

Justin Kelly said...

Big chief Winston!!!

hubers said...

Fun, fun, fun! Yes, you definitely do use up all your energy with lots of little ones ... but they are so much fun! I love to just sit and watch them play. Just the way they think, and talk ... its hilarious!

Thanks for posting! We love to see the little ones grow.


Anonymous said...

What great pictures, they all have really grown since I saw them last.
Waiting for #5 as well. Tell Jeanine Sept. 25th is the target date. (Sorry Jess) :)

Love Aunt Jill

Erber Correspondent said...

The 25th??? That would be a week late! :-) I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

They have been growing a lot lately. And I haven't forgotten that you wanted copies of those pictures... I'll try to get them to you soon!