Friday, August 17, 2007

Sunday and Monday

Thankfully, everyone didn't just run back home again after the party. We were so blessed as to enjoy two more full days with them, plus part of a third!

On Sunday, after church, we headed up to Lake Geneva for a picnic in the park, and an outdoor concert performed by the Lake Geneva Community Orchestra. The concert theme was "Animals," so the selection included Copland's "Outdoor Overture," John William's "Jurassic Park," Leroy Anderson's "Waltzing Cat," a medley of Looney Tunes music, Strauss's "Die Fledermaus," and more!

We got to sit directly behind the orchestra and right by the percussion section, which was fun - although somewhat startling at times! :-)

Uncle Dick and William, enjoying the lovely - if a bit warm - afternoon.

Lunch was delicious, too!!!

Erica with The Sistahs: Clorinda, Emily and Margaret.

The California Contingent: Daniel, Aunt Emily, Erica, Uncle Michael - we missed you Anna (& Tony)!

On Monday...

On Monday, the guys engaged in a small paintball war in our yard...

Apparently they had lots of fun!

While the war raged out front, the ladies sat out back relaxing and chatting on the porch.

Then, sadly enough, came the closing dinner. Not that anyone was sad that dinner came, it was only sad to consider that this was the last time we'd all gather around the meal table together during this visit. But if you think that stopped us from enjoying our meal, think again! :-)

And, of course, we had to gather for some final fun and lovely quartets before heading to the "theater" in our basement where we watched a slide show of the 700+ pictures we had taken over the week and enjoyed them all over again!

Afterwards, Grandma headed up to bed, but the rest of us sat up talking until near midnight before finally turning in. One of the first trains leaving town on Tuesday morning took with it the first ones to leave us, and later that afternoon the rest bid adieu and started on their journey home. Now we are left with closer relationships spanning the miles between us, lots of memories to enjoy - and the pleasure of anticipating "next time!" :-)

We love you aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandma! Don't stay away too long!


anna joy =) said...

Looks like you had an enjoyable day! I just HAD to comment when I saw that NO ONE commented yet! =0) It sure was fun having you all "OVER" last night...LOL! Thanks for droppin' in and PLEASE feel free to do so ANYTIME!

See you on SATURDAY ...=)

The Yen Family said...

Let's see... eat...


Erber Correspondent said...

Yup, pretty much... oh, yes, we did go for a few walks, and Uncle Michael did a bunch of bike riding (enjoying the flat lands!). But otherwise, food and music - what else do you need?? :-)

Erber Correspondent said...

Anna - thanks for letting us drop in! I'm glad you all didn't mind our rather unconventional visit! :)