Friday, August 03, 2007

Getting Ready

If this blog is suffering from lack of posts or news items of interest, it is because our attention is focused elsewhere. Next week we are expecting relatives from all corners of the country to show up and spend a week with us! The occasion? Grandma's 80th birthday celebration! We'll be having aunts, uncles, and cousins in from as far as Florida, Maine and California!

Of course, having company means finishing up all those around-the-house projects that have been on hold for who knows how long! So, paintbrushes have been out, closets cleaned, yard work done, deck building work done, windows washed, mosquito repellents experimented with, curtains washed, little details finished (like taking care of that missing outlet cover in the basement)...

Oh, and then there are all the good smells that have filled our kitchen and are now tucked away in the freezer waiting to be unveiled - breads, sauces, meats and more!

Joseph has spent a few afternoons this week helping out on a neighbor's farm - up in the loft throwing around bales of hay. Nice hot, itchy work!

Jonathan has been putting in his every spare moment this week working for Jeremy and Nathan in the continued absence of their needed additional crew member. The job is still available, by the way.

Thanks to Mr. Carlson we've also gotten lots of delicious organic strawberries. Sara came over and made strawberry preserves one evening this week, and we've filled up our freezers with strawberries, and strawberry sauce - and we've enjoyed consuming them before they made it to the freezer or pantry shelf.

Ah, yes, and it is zucchini season! Yum!!!

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