Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Food and Fun

Well, the big bash is behind us, now. Everyone has returned home or is at least en route. It is now time to sort through the 700+ pictures we took and smile and remember, and thank God for the wonderful and delightful people whom we get to call "Family." Of course, not everyone was able to make it and we missed the handful of absent cousins. But those of us who were able to gather from the distant corners of the country had a great time and can't wait until "next time" whenever that may be!

Seeing as this was the Italian side of the family that was getting together, you could sum up the week in just a few words: Food, Fun, and Music! The big birthday bash for Grandma's 80th birthday was held on Saturday, before that, we had fun rehearsing, visiting, and eating!

Uncle Dick (from Maine) spent time working with Josiah on his cello music/technique.

(Cousin Daniel, Jonathan, Aunt Emily)
Rehearsing for the Big Bash...

(Aunt Emily, Joanna, cousin Daniel, Aunt Clorinda)
...and more rehearsing...

...Grandma relaxing with a book, while everyone else is getting ready for her party!

Being rather warm and humid throughout the weekend, the pool got a little bit of use, too!

Looking through old photo albums.

(Cousin Daniel, Uncle Michael, Uncle Dick, Josiah, Joshua)
Evening fun!! Yes, it was "Four on the Couch" and the guys won all three games.

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The VHS said...

Looks like you had a great time visiting together as family!
Glad to see you had a BLAST!