Thursday, May 29, 2008

And they're off...

Springtime is one of the busiest seasons for Resounding Voice. This weekend RV has two crews out on the road - both on the east coast, but at different events in different states.

On Monday, Jonathan & Joseph headed to Virginia to provide AV service for Vision Forum's annual Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy.

On Wednesday morning, Josh & crew headed to NY to provide audio recording for NYS LEAH's annual homeschool state convention.

We miss you all and hope all is going well!
See you again on Sunday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Cookout

Jeremy & Sara invited us over for a Memorial Day cookout on Monday. I stayed home with a fever, so I haven't much to say about how dinner was or what were the topics of conversations, but they did bring home some pictures of the sweet new person over there that we are all crazy about!

Sisters, sisters...

Grandma and granddaughters

Aunt and niece

Grandpa... but better known as Poppy

The big brother - William



Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Our friend, Justin, was back in town over this past weekend for a job interview in the area. Of course, simply because it was a "business" trip, doesn't mean that he could manage to visit without scheduling a softball game with a group of guys from church! It wasn't the annual Big Game, but it is important to play often over the summer so that when the Big Game comes, one is ready for it!

So, on Saturday afternoon, Milkyway Park once again saw us gathering at the diamond to play ball! Due to scheduling conflicts they were unable to get enough guys together to make up two full teams, so they recruited about a half-dozen sisters in attendance to join the games. I think they ended up playing two games (the second one didn't quite make it to 9 innings as they all thought that dinner was a good reason to call the game).

After dinner (which was back at our house) a few games of volleyball were played, as well as some other games which continued well past dark. Thanks all for joining us for the fun!

I played half of the first game, but then Auntie duties called me away... it was Grace's first outing to the park, and her little sighs as she awoke from her nap were very clearly saying "I want to be held by my Auntie Jess." What could I do? And then when she needed her Mommy, the other two needed their Auntie Jess to take them over to the playground... What could I do??

Spring Piano Recital

On Friday night, May 23, was our spring piano recital for Jessica & Jonathan's students. You all did a great job performing! Keep up the good work!

As we were out of town during Joanna and Josiah's scheduled string recital, they performed during our piano recital as well.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


"Sailing, Sailing, over the ocean blue... " Okay, so maybe it wasn't the ocean blue. Maybe it was simply quiet Lake Geneva. But it was sailing, and it made for quite a fun day!

The Hectors purchased a sailboat shortly before their trip and brought it with them from California. Since we live so close to a lovely lake, it was deemed only right and proper to spend a day out sailing. And so we did.

This was the first time the Hectors were sailing this boat, and it needed a couple of items addressed before launching.

Then it was time to get ready to sail - (I have no idea what the correct nautical terminology is - the sign said "Sailboat Rigging Area" so does one say that they "rigged the sailboat"?)


Despite various delays that occurred during the course of the morning, by lunch time the boat was ready to launch! (We lunched and then launched figuring few would be interested in lunching after launching).

Final tests, prep and instructions before taking the vessel on her maiden voyage. (Well, her maiden voyage under Hector ownership anyway.)

Captain & owner... Mr. Hector.

And they're off!

They made it back safe, sound, and dry, and Thomas was Captain for the rest of the afternoon taking different loads of passengers out for a sail. Thank you, sir!

The lake was virtually empty (although this picture is just of William's Bay) and the day was peaceful and relaxing. You know, there are some pretty nice houses up there...

Back on shore, the rest of us spent time chatting, picnicking, playing, and relaxing - Jonathan especially was relaxing.

Sara - Corrine still asks to play with you!

Part way through the afternoon, Jeanine joined us with her little people and they were absolutely enthralled by the boats.

I think that Winston would have been happy to spend all day sitting on that pier... well, or begging boat rides...

Thanks, Hector family, for taking the time to come up to our place and for sharing your boat with us!

Next time we will take you over to Lake Michigan... :-)

Thanks for coming, Hectors!

New Friends

One family that we met at the Presbytery meetings last week, the Hectors, swung up our way for a couple of days before heading back west towards home (California). Though we had only just met their family of 11, the days they spent with us were greatly enjoyed! Most of the pictures of our time together were taken on the second day of their visit and deserve an independent post... our only other pictures? A volleyball game on Tuesday night!

Oh, yes. While these pictures were taken (like most of the rest of our collection) on day two, I figured I put them here anyway... the guys treating us to cheesecakes! Mmmmm...