Friday, May 02, 2008

Final Stop: the Lautenschlagers

Our final stop on our journey homeward was in South Dakota at the Lautenschlager home.

The L family had visited us over Liberty Day and contributed greatly to the day's events and we enjoyed the opportunity to return the favor by invading their home.

Some hardly made it in the door before they were back out again!

They had dinner ready for us shortly after our arrival, and then we all loaded up into a couple of vehicles and headed over to Mt. Rushmore.

Most of us had been there before, but some hadn't - and we hadn't had a personal tour of the landmark before.

If any of you are ever out in that area and want to visit Rushmore, be sure to give Zach L a call and set up a tour!

Along the way, we stopped at this museum where Zach told us about Mr. Borglum (the sculptor) and his son. (The figures in the sculpture above).

Our family at the mountain where we had a family photo taken years ago...

... and all of us there!

We also came across a cowboy just hanging out there... actually, we came around a corner and all our guys were lined up leaning on the pillars.

But the evening wasn't over. After making our way back to their home, there was dessert and fun...

...and lots of laughter! Lots.

It's always fun to visit with friends again - old and new. Amy L is an old friend (from about 20 years before she became an "L") - and since her marriage we've gotten to know and enjoy the rest of the family! Thanks, Lautenschlagers, for hosting us!


Thomas DeL said...

Just wanted to say how wonderful it was to hear about Josh and Abbey's expected arrival...

Erber Correspondent said...

Thanks, Tom! As you can imagine, we're pretty excited about it, too!