Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Our friend, Justin, was back in town over this past weekend for a job interview in the area. Of course, simply because it was a "business" trip, doesn't mean that he could manage to visit without scheduling a softball game with a group of guys from church! It wasn't the annual Big Game, but it is important to play often over the summer so that when the Big Game comes, one is ready for it!

So, on Saturday afternoon, Milkyway Park once again saw us gathering at the diamond to play ball! Due to scheduling conflicts they were unable to get enough guys together to make up two full teams, so they recruited about a half-dozen sisters in attendance to join the games. I think they ended up playing two games (the second one didn't quite make it to 9 innings as they all thought that dinner was a good reason to call the game).

After dinner (which was back at our house) a few games of volleyball were played, as well as some other games which continued well past dark. Thanks all for joining us for the fun!

I played half of the first game, but then Auntie duties called me away... it was Grace's first outing to the park, and her little sighs as she awoke from her nap were very clearly saying "I want to be held by my Auntie Jess." What could I do? And then when she needed her Mommy, the other two needed their Auntie Jess to take them over to the playground... What could I do??

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