Friday, September 14, 2007

The Big Game

Yes, friends, last Saturday was the Big Game. The Second Annual Milky Way Invitational Softball Game. This year, the sponsors purchased a trophy for the winning team, and a trophy for the MVP. It was a dramatic game with the "Green" team taking the lead right away, and holding it until the 9th! But after starting the 9th inning with a dramatic home run by Mr. Carlson ("Get up! Get up!"), which was immediately followed by a Mr. Gould home run, the "Not Green" team went on to score a total of 7 runs in that last inning to take the lead, and ultimately win the game with the final score being 20-15. Unfortunately, a few of those very dramatic moments were not captured by the various photographers present, as I think everyone was very closely watching (and screaming and cheering on) the plays.

While the original intent had been to use a complex voting system to choose the MVP, in the end there was not even a discussion. The choice was obvious and unanimous and before we sat down to dinner, the 2007 MVP award was presented to Mr. Bill Geaschel for his batting record of 4 hits (in 5 at bats), 3 runs scored, and 5 RBIs (with 1 home run), and for his solid defense.

Sadly, our camera broke and we don't have a picture of the MVP with his trophy. I know I did see someone take one, though. If you have it, can you send it our way, please? (Aha! I just found it on the Strand's blog! Thanks!)

Now, for the rest of the pictures!

Like I mentioned, our camera broke, but thanks to good friends (like the Hills and VonHoltens) we've got pictures... and more than we could possibly share with you all on this blog. So, click on the video below to watch a 3 minute slide show that we very quickly threw together using just a few of the pictures! :-) Incidentally, everyone in the pictures also happens to be part of our church... well, except for Justin who flew up from TX for the game.


BTW, the music in the background is from the album "Joyful Harps Encore!" which, of course, you can purchase from our friends, Heather and Raquelle Sheen, over at Joyful Harps. They happen to be gallivanting around Europe right now having far too much fun, but I'm sure they'd be happy to fill your orders when they get home!


Justin Kelly said...

I'm ready for 2008 NOW! :D

anna joy said...


Erber Correspondent said...

I think a few people would like to wait and recover a little bit more before 2008 arrives... :-)

Glad you enjoyed the slide show!

megan said...

I LOVE the slide show! It was so CUTE! GREAT job to whoever put it together:)

Mrs. Webb said...

Thank you so much, Josh and all the Erbers for putting this ball game and cook-out together! We all had a wonderful time. The temp. changed quickly, didn't it? We're all looking forward to next yr.

Hez said...

Hey! We got home from Europe a couple days ago and I just saw this! :D

Lovely music you have there. :D :D

Sounds like y'all had loads of fun. Almost as much fun as going to Europe, heh heh.

Erber Correspondent said...

Welcome home, Heather! I don't think our softball game was quite as much fun as two weeks in Europe, but it certainly was memorable!

Glad you liked the music. :D


Anonymous said...

So glad to see pics since I missed the big event. Lord willing, Karina and I will get to be there to cheer Bill on next year.

Love, Christie Geaschel