Monday, September 03, 2007

Saturday Night Dance

Saturday night the Hill family hosted a driveway dance of old 19th century dances! What a lot of fun everyone had. As you can see in the picture above (which was stolen, btw, from the Hill's Blog), many eras were represented in the costumes!

This picture, of the Grand March, was stolen from Anna's Blog. I guess we were just too busy to take many pictures that evening!

Catching breath, resting feet and just chattin' between dances.

...and Mom said this picture had to go up, too!

Thanks, Hills, for organizing the evening and hosting us all!


hubers said...

Looks like you all are practiced up and ready for our annual TEXAS historical dance on Oct 30th! Lord willing of course, maybe you can stay a couple extra days for it :)

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of great costumes! Looks like everyone had fun : )

Katie W.

Erica S. said...

Oh, what a wonderful party idea! The costumes and 19th century dances must have made for a fun time. Wish I could have been there! :o) You all look so nice and dressed up.

Erber Correspondent said...

Erica - next time you visit we'll have to make sure to include this in the plans! :-)