Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cubs Game

Last Thursday, September 6, a bunch of us Erbers, Justin Kelly, Luke and Anna Von Holten, Ethan Webb, Abbey and Wendy Hill, headed into The City for a visit to Chicago's historic and beloved Wrigley Field.

We arrived in Wrigleyville somewhat early, but got to tour the outside of the Friendly Confines, saw a couple of players out jogging, and walked past the historic spot where some of our gentlemen had been stranded earlier this year.

The point of the visit, of course, was to take in a Cubs game live! Although they ended up losing the game in the last inning, it was still a lot of fun to be there - especially with such great company!

Although we had a few drops descend from the overcast skies, it was literally just a few drops and most of the day was absolutely beautiful.

After losing the game, we thought it advisable to give ourselves a consolation prize - while at the same time avoiding some of the worst of the evening rush hour. So we stopped in at Giordano's for some Chicago Style pizza before undertaking the long drive home.

Of course, after a long day of being outdoors you can imagine that... well, let's just say we had a fun time on the ride home which made the drive seem a little shorter!


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Justin Kelly said...

Yum for PIZZA!!!!!!!
Overall, it was a great game, and despite the loss, everyone did have a really fun time - definitely lots of good memories!