Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finally, pictures!!

I (Jessica) spent most of the day over at Jeanine's today helping out with the kiddos so she could get some rest, and apparently the internet over there works better and I was able to upload these with no problem! So enjoy!!

BTW - Jeanine is doing very well, but Corrine woke up with a fever, and Winston isn't quite right either! Hopefully they'll recover quickly and not pass anything on to Mama or Camille.

Oh, and some of you have asked, so here is the pronunciation for the little baby's name:
Camille (cuh-MEEL)
Idelette (eed-LET)
DeLadurantey (duh-Law-der-ON-tay)


Anna Joy said...



Mrs.VH said...

What a darling little family; God has richly blessed you Dels and we are so happy for you.

Justin Kelly said...

Winston is SO funny!

Can't wait for the softball game next year to come up and see them all a year older!

Megan Rose said...

AWW...she is SOOOO CUTE:)

I can't wait to hold her:)

hubers said...

She is so beautiful! Praise the Lord for blogs, pictures and sisters that post!!!!! It is the next best thing to being there.

Thanks for updating us!

God has blessed you Nathan and Jeanine. May he give you great wisdom is raising your children for Him.


Abigail Kawell said...

Those Mommy-baby pictures are precious. Winston is obviously delighted to not be the baby of the family anymore!How sweet!
Abby K

Yens said...

Precious baby and family. Love the pictures!