Saturday, May 24, 2008


"Sailing, Sailing, over the ocean blue... " Okay, so maybe it wasn't the ocean blue. Maybe it was simply quiet Lake Geneva. But it was sailing, and it made for quite a fun day!

The Hectors purchased a sailboat shortly before their trip and brought it with them from California. Since we live so close to a lovely lake, it was deemed only right and proper to spend a day out sailing. And so we did.

This was the first time the Hectors were sailing this boat, and it needed a couple of items addressed before launching.

Then it was time to get ready to sail - (I have no idea what the correct nautical terminology is - the sign said "Sailboat Rigging Area" so does one say that they "rigged the sailboat"?)


Despite various delays that occurred during the course of the morning, by lunch time the boat was ready to launch! (We lunched and then launched figuring few would be interested in lunching after launching).

Final tests, prep and instructions before taking the vessel on her maiden voyage. (Well, her maiden voyage under Hector ownership anyway.)

Captain & owner... Mr. Hector.

And they're off!

They made it back safe, sound, and dry, and Thomas was Captain for the rest of the afternoon taking different loads of passengers out for a sail. Thank you, sir!

The lake was virtually empty (although this picture is just of William's Bay) and the day was peaceful and relaxing. You know, there are some pretty nice houses up there...

Back on shore, the rest of us spent time chatting, picnicking, playing, and relaxing - Jonathan especially was relaxing.

Sara - Corrine still asks to play with you!

Part way through the afternoon, Jeanine joined us with her little people and they were absolutely enthralled by the boats.

I think that Winston would have been happy to spend all day sitting on that pier... well, or begging boat rides...

Thanks, Hector family, for taking the time to come up to our place and for sharing your boat with us!

Next time we will take you over to Lake Michigan... :-)

Thanks for coming, Hectors!


Herb & Rhonda said...

Isn't it great to make new friends in the body of Christ?!
Speaking of friends, we watched a movie last night about Bonhoeffer--one of the commentators was Wolfgang Huber--he looked very much like he was related to your friend, was it Rick Huber we met at your home that time? Anyway, do you know if they are related? Just curious??
Have a great summer!

Erber Correspondent said...

How interesting! I really don't know if they are related or not, but we'll have to check and see. :-) Hope you all are doing well.


Anonymous said...

The Hectors had a really great time with all the Erbers!! They were gracious to us and are richly blessed with the gift of hospitality.
Please come to California and sail with us here!! We have most of the bugs worked out of the boat.

Mr. Hector and family

Erber Correspondent said...

We'll certainly keep California in mind, Mr. Hector. It's not a direction we head often, but maybe someday we'll make it out there!

- Jessica