Monday, July 30, 2007


Saturday was busy and very varied for our family. But I just had to start out with a picture from earlier in the week... Have I mentioned that Winston loves playing in the pool?? :-)

As long as we're on the topic, here are a few other pictures from the week:

We had a window crack during some of the sub-zero weather we had last winter, and finally got around to replacing it! :-)

But to get back to Saturday's events, it started bright and early as Joanna and I headed out the door for a bridal shower for long-time friend Rebecca Knottnerus. Many other ladies from church were there as well, so we had lots of fun!

It was our first time to meet the groom, and we look forward to witnessing their wedding in just a few weeks!

Since Rebecca is a "hat" person, while she opened gifts, they made hats from all the bows, and then had "pictures with the bride" at the end! Blessings on you Rebecca and Paul as you prepare for your life together!

ing home from the shower, we were soon en route to meet up with the rest of the family at the Strand's home to celebrate two birthdays - one (rather belated) for Grant Strand and one for Anna VonHolten. Grant's party had been long anticipated by himself and most of the guys in our church. They spent the afternoon and evening painting each other - uh, yes, using paint ball guns. They even skipped out on dessert to get back to the guns! :)

The ladies spent the day indoors celebrating Anna's 21st birthday by just having fun together, enjoying yummy chocolate cheesecake, signing 'souvenier' t-shirts, and watching a movie together
. Thanks, Strands, for hosting us all!

The guys had both camera's outside with them most of the day, so we don't have any of the girl pictures, but a bunch of paintball pics! :-)

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~Dawn~ said...

looks like you guys were busy busy busy! but in all of your busyness you got some really good pictures! good job!