Tuesday, July 10, 2007


4 Little Cousins... getting bigger!!

4 sets of toeses...

...and 4 little noses!

William and Caroline

Winston and Corrine


Stinnett Family said...

How CUTE ~ the pigtails, curls and little noses!!! It was lovely seeing the little darlings in person at Jamestown. Even so you all do a good job in capturing their sweetness with photos!:) It’s sounds like “Auntie Jess” and the girls had a “slumberless” party, as our dad likes to call them. :)

Ruth said...

"Auntie Jess" you are amazing!!!! How do you do it all?

As I looked over the pictures from Jamestown it seemed you were forever lending a helping hand with the little ones. Now I know this trip was exhausting enough even if you were just taking care of yourself. But add to that the special attention you gave the younger members of the group, the time you spent blogging, and all the organizational work you did during the trip.....makes me tired just thinking about it all!

You are one truly amazing lady!!!! What lucky nieces and nephews you have!

And then someone has time and energy to take these incredibly cute pictures of the little ones--and post them!

May God richly bless your servant's heart.

Megan said...


anna joy said...


Jessica said...

Oh, I don't know that I'm that amazing, really! :-)

Auntie Joanna and Uncle Josiah capture these cute pictures last night when they were all here for the evening. It is so much fun to watch them grow up!

~Dawn~ said...

awwww! too cute!!

Abby said...

Yes Jessica, you are amazing... I remember when you used to babysit us!
Abby K

Erber Correspondent said...

I remember babysitting you, too... but y'all have grown up a bit since then! Starts to make me feel old! :-)