Saturday, March 10, 2007

Liberty Day Pictures

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!! Well, I have really spent much of the day working on sorting through pictures and trying to figure out the best way to post which ones where. The final (or at least current) plan is to post a bunch of them over on the Liberty Day site, and post some of the more fun, miscellaneous, or Erber specific pictures here! :-) If you want to see all 1200 of them, you'll have to come on over for a day. If you want to the reduced-down-to-only-500-pictures selection, than you'll have to come over for an evening...

We really like the photo above - there is something very dramatic about it. Should be the cover for a playbill or something. And again, we are very grateful to Mr. Rich Heki for capturing all these photos for us.

Dad did all the MC'ing for the conference

The Guys

Corrine with her Grandma Erber

"Oh, and did you hear..."

This picture would be very neat if the girls playing were the same as the girls in the slide show - it's still a neat picture, but it is a different violinist! You ladies sounded great! Thanks much!

Question - in the picture below, is Mom fixing Jonathan's costume, or is she bandaging him up from... well, the events of the picture above.

Above and below are a couple of cute kids from our church!

I don't remember the names of these ladies, but I really like the picture!

Ringing in the festivities!

What Was That? I Can't Hear You!

Technology & History Meet

Okay, more later! Watch for the Erberantey Singers and a dramatic Patrick Henry...


Heather S. said...

Hey cool pics! Thanks for posting. Wish we could have come, but at least we get to enjoy it vicariously throug the photos!

Brittany Crist said...

Jessica - Looks like soooo much fun! I really wish we could have made it...looking forward to next year. I pray you are all doing well. Many blessings! Brittany =)

Sarah said...

Great photos! Looks like it was a very informative and fun day!


Stinnett Family said...

Thank you so much Erbers!!! Our family enjoyed the pictures. Maybe one of these years we will make for a Liberty Day!

The VHS said...

Jessica...Great Choices...Thanks
for posting SO many...We enjoyed
being there...Anna for all the VHS

Simply Tiffany said...

I love the pictures! One of these "days" we will have to see all 1,200 of them! :)