Saturday, March 24, 2007


Well, we've been wanting to update this blog with something for the last week, but nothing of major importance or excitement or interest has happened. It has been a week of, well, of normal life - with its ups and downs, busyness and slowness, duties, correspondence, meals, laundry, laughs, family evenings, cleaning, music lessons... regular life, calling for regular daily faithfulness. The laughs included an evening of watching home movies. Oh, my!

Part of regular life for us, however, is having the grandkids over. Jeremy and Joseph were working on some remodeling at Jeremy's house yesterday, so nap time for the kiddos was spent at Grandma's house - and we convinced them all to stay for dinner, too. So here are a few pics of William taken last night. We think he's cute!

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Ruth said...

You're absolutely right--he is very cute!