Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So, what do you think of that cello & cellist??

Josiah has been practicing very hard lately, and recently received a 'reward' for his hard work! Someone donated a 3/4 size cello to the Rockford Music Academy (where Josiah takes lessons) and the Academy has given it to Josiah to use - free of charge - for as long as he takes lessons at the Academy, and uses that size cello! It has an amazingly better tone than his previous rented cello and he's having lots of fun playing it! For those who know the Suzuki method, he's working through book 5 at present, and sounding great! There's a lot of live music in our house these days and we're loving it all!


Mr. Yen said...

Good position Josiah. Looks like the new cello fits you well and looks great too! Can't wait to hear how it sounds.

Mr. Yen

Ethan B. Webb said...

Great job Josiah! Keep it up!