Monday, March 12, 2007


The Erberantey Quartet, made up of brothers Jeremy, Joshua and Jonathan Erber, and brother-in-law Nathan DeLadurantey, has been a popular humorous highlight of the last several Liberty Day Celebrations and is always demanded back. A glance at these pictures might give you an idea just why that is so. It's not just anywhere you can find such amusement - and not just anyone who will give it to you!

The song they are singing in the picture above is a folk song titled "The Young Volunteer" and is of a more serious nature. However, in the form of the next song came an old "parlor favorite" titled "Revolutionary Tea." Perhaps the first verse will give you an idea of the content:

"There was an old lady lived over the sea, and she was an Island Queen..."

"Her daughter lived off in a new country, with an ocean of water between..."

"The old lady's pockets were full of gold, but never contented was she..."

"So she called on her daughter to pay her a tax, of three pence a pound for her tea!"


Heather S. said...

I'm getting the giggles just looking at them. What are the rest of the verses?

The Strands said...

That song was one of the best parts of Liberty Day.


Erber Correspondent said...

Here's the rest of the lyrics... and the music. :) 'Course it doesn't have the, uh, character that the guys added, but you get an idea of the song!


hubers said...