Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got Chicken?

Well, spring has sprung... sort of. The grass is getting green, the trees are showing that they might actually grow leaves again, the lilies and daffodils are starting to sprout... and there is snow in the forecast! Sounds like March! Not sounding like March are mosquito bites, and yet a several of those have been felt during this unseasonably warm past week. If they're out already, woe to us come summertime!

Bambi (or more likely, Mrs. Bambi - what was her name?) was spotted wandering around on OUR property. Very bold, if you ask me. But she seemed to be checking out the neighborhood - and with as many people as make noise around our place and our neighbors, I'm quite sure she will not make it her home.

Another sign of spring is the future freezer filler that arrived this morning. Yes, the post office called us bright and early this morning asking us to come pick up a noisy box that had arrived...

They're kind of cute now, but give them a few weeks - about 10 to be precise...

In other news, the last few days have been major outdoor spring cleaning, yard work, garage and shed organizing days. It's looking great - and Joseph, Joanna and Josiah have been showing great character as they've tackled and stuck with the various projects, even after finding... well, never mind.

Today is a busy day as the Erberanteys have been asked to make an afternoon appearance at a local homeschool support group get together. Nothing like being in demand! They'll be singing (of course) and talking about jurisdictions, charters, and the Boston Tea Party.

This weekend also kicks of the conference season for Josh and Resounding Voice. He and Jessica will be headed down to Georgia for the weekend, then, like last year - but for a different reason - he'll be leaving her in the south for a couple of weeks before heading home.


Anonymous said...

They look so cute when they are little like a few months it is amazing how they can become SO ugly:)

Megan :)

Huber fam said...

Okay, what is the other reason for Jessica staying back a couple of weeks? Is there something Jessica has neglected to tell us?

On another note, Maggie, could you give me some info on the tape you have regarding Mothering? My Mom said she liked it and that the ladies meetings have been a great blessing. :)

Love ya'all and miss you much!