Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Liberty Day!

Though the silence here the last few days might tell otherwise, we did in fact survive the weekend!

It was really a very enjoyable, encouraging, exciting, educational, exhilarating and exhausting event! Our heartiest thanks to everyone who pitched in and made it work! It was truly a team effort, and we could not have done it without your help and support.

Thanks to Mr. Phillips and Mr. Potter for taking the time and effort to prepare for, travel to, and participate in, our Liberty Day conference and celebration! It was wonderful to see, visit with, and hear from them again, and we thank God for the vision and knowledge He has given them, and for lighting in their hearts a passion for sharing it with others. The weather kept them in town somewhat longer than planned due to flight cancellations, but hey - at least them southern folk got to see some of that white fluffy stuff we enjoy up here in the frozen northland...

We can't wait to receive (and sit down and look through) the pictures from our photographer. Hosting the event meant that we didn't really get to see all that much of it! We'll be sure to post some of them here and also over on the Liberty Day blog. In the meantime, we thought you all might like to see all 4 pictures that we took - oh wait, make that 5 pictures.

Yes, they are behind the scenes pictures! But we spent the vast majority of our time, behind the scenes! For pictures taken in front of the scenes (is that the opposite of behind the scenes?), check back later, or visit the blogs of a few of the attendees: Here, Here, Here, Here

More on Liberty Day later...


Jessica McDonald said...

What an exciting weekend! We're so glad that we were able to attend!!! Everyone over here is eagerly looking forward to next year! :D

jessica mcdonald

Erber Correspondent said...


We're glad you were able to join us! As far as next year, we're still waiting to hear back from the facility, but we are tentatively planning Liberty Day 2008 on March 22 of that year, with Dr. Marshall Foster as our guest speaker.

Of course, I sincerely hope that we'll be seeing you again before then... :)

Jessica E.

Simply Tiffany said...

Oooooo, behind the scenes pictures!! ;) Very nice. We can't wait to see the other pictures your photographer took. We didn't get too many because we got so wrapped up in the whole thing. :)

And yes, we are very much looking forward to seeing y'all soon.