Friday, August 05, 2005


Ain't she a sweet heart! Sara has emailed us pictures of Caroline through out our trip and we just had to post one of them! BTW, you can find pictures of Corrine at Nathan & Jeanine's blog.

We had a great time at the Hubers, but right now we've got to head out the door for the NTHEN conference. I'll try to post some pics tonight from our visit with them. Joanna woke up this morning with a fever so we'll be a little short handed today, but hopefully a day of sleeping will take care of it for her.


Nathan & Jeanine DeLadurantey said...

Jeremy and need to get a blog!

Joni Huber said...

We second that motion! With a little
sweetheart like that you wouldn't have to type much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Marshalls said...

Ahhh, girls and flowers seem to go so well together!