Saturday, August 20, 2005

Erber Updates

Everyday excitement in the Erber home:

*Josh was scolded by a cashier at Walmart yesterday for allowing Josiah to carry the box of little plastic bright orange air-soft BBs up to the counter. Safety first, you know. After checking Josh's ID, she instructed him, Josh, to make sure that he was the one who carried them to the car because if a police officer were to see Josiah carrying them it would not be good.

*Jonathan has been putting in long hours at the piano, but has also managed to find some time to work for a moving company owned by a friend of Nathan's. He and Jeremy are both in Milwaukee on a moving job today.

*Nathan had an overnight out-of-town job this week, so Jeanine and Corrine packed up and visited us for a couple of days. What fun! Our across-the-street neighbor, Mrs. Bernhardt, is a former cosmotologist and came over with her sister and daughters to talk homeschool stuff, and "do" Jeanine's hair and mine.

*Joseph, Joanna, & Josiah have been working on their music - banjo, violin, cello, and piano - enjoying the great outdoors, reading, painting...

*Our next door neighbors, the Savinos, caught a bat (yes, the kind that fly) in their home a couple of days ago and brought it over for us to see. In fact, they made a gift of it as they were planning to just throw it away.

*Josh has been finishing up orders and paperwork from the conferences this year, and preparing for the next one - next week.

*I, Jessica, have hardly left the computer for the last two days as I've been working on numerous updates on ICHE's website. Sadly, if you go visit the site right now you can't even see much of anything changed unless you are looking for a few specific items (ie. removing your child from a public school). Hopefully the rest of the updates will be visible early next week.

*Dad & Mom are at a Friday/Saturday ICHE board meeting in Zion, IL.

*This past Sunday our only surviving cat, Mammy, had 5 kittens. All gray/black tabbies. Free to friends...

*It has rained. Big news for an area suffering from its worst drought in 150 years.


Ortega Recorder said...

Josh - Tsk, tsk, tsk . . . for shame, for shame. How could you? What is with this generation - actually trusting a young, impressionable child with air-soft BBs? I say, what is this world coming to? :D

I am surprised that Walmart security was not called - perhaps we could suggest that all Walmart customers that purchase air-soft BBs be escorted to their cars for the saftey of all. Then again, I don't suppose they need any encouragement.

Keep an eye out for those officers of the law now, you hear? ~:0)


Erber Correspondent said...

We told him he should have looked shocked and said, "Oh, my! Are these things dangerous? I was going to use them for a craft!"

Ryan Kelly said...

Ugh, don't get me started on the employee lunacy at Wally World when it comes to such hazardous mtrls such as BB pellets.

Future things Josh can say:

1) "Oh, you needn't worry. Josiah has been certified by the FDA and AFL-CIO as 100% harmless to racoons."

2) "Ma'am, everything would have been fine, except now you've riled him. He gets agitated around ugly people."

3) "Josiah, you were supposed to get a box of Grape Nuts, you silly!"

Future things Josiah can say:


Lindsay said...

Things certainly haven't been boring around your house! Things never get dull for us either :)

Who there plays banjo?

My mom has had the self checkout register at Wal-mart call over employees to check on rather odd items... once it told her they needed to check her id for the mushrooms she was buying!! Somehow they were considered dangerous...

Lora-- Lindsay's mom said...

Lindsay forgot another truly hazardous thing I've bought.... Crayola markers. Next thing ya know they are going to be arresting toddlers for marking on the walls saying they are preventing them from becoming graffiti artists. Another hazardous thing is spray paint. Here in TX you have to be over 18 to buy both of those and even cold medicine.

Caleb Goforth said...

Airsoft is a childrens sport for goodness sake! Just as paintball is for teenagers. Good grief! What has the world gotten to? Kids can't kill anybody with AIRSOFT guns.

Caleb Goforth said...

But of course it's a given fact that they wear safety goggels when battling.

The Huber Family said...

Come and join us in the great Republic of Texas where that young
lad would not have been questioned for packing a six shooter on his hip!

Jonathan M. Erber said...

I'm not sure about that Hubers,

If you need ID to buy crayons and mushrooms, but anyone can have a six shooter on your hip, well, that sounds worse than up here.

I'm not saying that I mind the six shooter at all, but I need to eat!


P.S. Not the crayons.
P.S.S. I suppose they are trying to push people to shoot all the deer?

Jen Barnes said...

lora--lindsey's mom,
Come to my house around cold season- we could use another person to run to Wal-Mart with us so we can spread out among the cashiers and buy cold medication. They won't let any one person buy more than 3 of any medication containing Pseudophedrine HCI, for fear that you'll use it to make methamphetamine- something my mom and I found out late one night while trying to stock up for a trip. Yeah, like my mom and I look like the kind of gals who keep a meth lab in the back of our 15 passenger van.:) So after an interesting conversation with a suspicious/rude/overtired cashier, we've changed our strategy. Now we just "divide and conquer"....

There is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say.

But who would want a cat-skin cap?

Lora-- Lindsay's mom said...

Jen Barnes,
Boy do I know that feeling. We shop for 2-3 weeks at a time and you should try buying cold medicine for 7 people for 3 weeks... it ain't happenin'. I know the feeling about looking like a drug dealer. I'm sure my denim jumper, white tennis shoes and ponytail give me away. Maybe denim is one of the colors for a gang I don't know about.

Jen Barnes said...

Lora--Lindsay's Mom,
Glad to meet another woman in the ranks of the "divide & conquer the pharmacy" gang. Must be the whole denim skirt/jumper and ponytail combination that gives us away. :)

The Editors said...

Well, well, who would have thought that denim jumpers, which are so comfy, could cause insecurity in the minds of Wal-Mart cashiers....

An Avid Denim Jumper Wearer,

Allison Marshall