Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Final Stop - The Serven Clan

It was with mixed emotions that we left Plano, TX on Sunday morning. While eager to see home again, the road before us also signaled the end of a delightful, refreshing, and much needed family vacation.

Well, almost the end, but not quite. The Serven family had invited us to stop by their home on that final leg of our trip and we were scheduled to have lunch with them on Monday before finally heading home. BUT, we made better time along the way than we had anticipated... and the Servens graciously opened their home to us Sunday night! Some of us had met all of them before, and some of them had met all of us, but this visit marked the first meeting of all of us and all of them! We greatly enjoyed our time with them - again marked with good discussions and fun games. Dutch Blitz, to be specific. Thanks, Servens!

Shortly after noon on Monday, August 8, we finally loaded our stuff into the car one last time and turned our faces homeward!


The Serven Clan said...

Dear Erbers,

We too are glad that all of us could finally meet all of you. Some of us were starting to doubt the existance of all of you as I am sure some of you were doubting the reality of some of us. : )

Erber Correspondent said...

Thanks, again, for your hospitality! We had such a good, if short, time with you all.

When you come up here hopefully we'll be able to introduce you all to both married branches of the family, too! :)