Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The North Texas Home Educators Network (NTHEN) conference and book fair was the reason for our stop in Plano, TX during our three week excursion. Business was fairly slow, but slow or not we still enjoyed our weekend there! :-)

Josh & Jonathan work hard during the conference. Not sure what they're doing, though.



The booth

Saturday night, after the conference was over some friends and fellow exhibitors joined us in our hotel room for dinner - and conversation, of course. We had an enjoyable evening together... but sometime you all will have to come up to our place so we can offer you something better than hotel room cooking! :-)

L-R Nathan Barnes and Tim Horn of Vision Forum, and Mr. James McDonald of Books On The Path

Some Erbers w/ Christa McDonald

Joseph & Josiah enjoyed the company of Caleb McDonald during the NTHEN convention.


2saints said...

Um, I'm sure "Dad" and Josiah worked hard, too...right? LOL

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Lora-- Lindsay's mom said...

Dear Erbers,
I posted a note on the Servens' blog the other day about the Youngs who are in leadership in NC and they said that they didn't know them but you might. This whole thought process got started with me talking to Melanie(Young)and her mentioning the McDonalds. I then told her that their store is right down the road from us. We were surprised at how small the world could be. Low and behold, I'm reading your blog and there is Mr. McDonald sitting in your room, just as Melanie had told me he did in their's.

Just wondering if you knew my dear friends the Youngs. BTW, have you ever been to the CHEF convention in BR, LA? We attended that one for years.

Erber Correspondent said...

:) Yes, Dad worked hard, too. But the conference was small enough that there really wasn't much for Josiah to do, anyway.

Hmm. I'm sure we have met the Youngs at national conferences for state homeschool leaders, and I know we've been in touch via email at times, but I just can't picture them. So, I guess we can't exactly say we "know" them! :)

And, no, we haven't ever been the the Louisiana conference! Maybe someday... :)