Tuesday, August 09, 2005

At the Hubers

Benjamin, Josiah, & Brenton search for Waldo

Oh, how we thank God for dear friends like the Hubers! Good friends and co-laborers for many years, we have sorely missed them since their move to Texas three years ago. It was truly a blessing and refreshment to once again be together for a few days during our travels in Texas July 31-August 4. As always, much fun was had by all, and we shared many delightful, encouraging, and challenging conversations on a great variety of topics. Our visit together just wasn't long enough... Thank you, Hubers, for your hospitality! We are eagerly looking forward to visiting again in October!

Oh, one problem with our visit, is that we had so much fun we forgot to take many pictures!!! Here are a few!

Joseph horseback riding

Pool Time

Kaylianna enjoys a California fresh lemon!

Kristalyn and Joanna

VERY late night conversation... or was it early morning by then?

Movie time

Jonathan E. & the Huber's youngest (of 11), Christian


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, and it was nice seeing the Hubers and the Erbers together again, even though it was short. It's always a great time at the Huber "ranch". Jerry and Jean

Erber Correspondent said...

We had a great time with your gradchildren - and Mr. & Mrs. Huber, too, of course!