Friday, July 29, 2005

Phoenix, Santa Barbara, Back, and Beyond!

Howdy from Texas! Well, actually, we’ll be in Texas when I am able to access the internet and post this, but right now we’re driving through Arizona and I’m in the back seat of Josh’s Suburban typing on Jonathan’s new lap top. Yes, once again Jonathan has a new lap top. While at our hotel last weekend, Jonathan went online and found a laptop for sale in Phoenix. During the AFHE convention, he met up with the lady selling it and – once more – found a great deal! Um, yeah. A souvenier of sorts.

Speaking of the AFHE conference, I suppose I should take a few lines to fill you in on that. It was a great conference and it was good to meet up with some old and new friends there, too. From a Resounding Voice perspective, sales were somewhat down compared to other conferences… until the last hour or two. Then, not only were sales up, but some of the equipment went down!! So there was a bit of a line there for a while, but everyone was really nice about it, for which we were thankful! We were grateful for the opportunity to serve the Arizona homeschool community at this conference. There were a lot of great people there that it was a pleasure to work with.

Sunday we dropped off the trailer at the home of a family in Phoenix, and then hit the road for Santa Barbara. After several hours of driving through the brown desolation along Route 10 in western Arizona, we neared our destination.

The next few days were spent enjoying the hospitality of Aunt Emily, Uncle Michael, and cousins Erica, Anna, and Daniel. Josh had to fly out Monday evening to head to Virginia so he only got in on a little of the fun, but during our stay we enjoyed strolling through town, visiting the beach, kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, driving and hiking in the mountains, boating on Lake Cachuma, stopping by the Nojoki Falls, walking along the wharf, and playing card games, sitting around chatting, and sharing tasty dinners together! It is a beautiful area and we had a great time with our California cousins!

Thursday morning, it was time to head back to Phoenix on the next leg of our journey which brings us towards Texas. We arrived back in Phoenix in time to share dinner with David & Valerie Monk and their family. The Monks are on the board of AFHE, the organization that sponsored the conference the last weekend and had graciously invited us to spend the night with them before heading on. We enjoyed lots of good conversation and were grateful for the opportunity to get to know them better.

This morning it was time to hit the road again. We picked up the trailer and are now on our way to El Paso, TX. Tomorrow we plan on visiting Carlsbad Caverns and then start on our way down to San Antonio, Texas! Josh will join us again in San Antonio, and right now he doesn’t have a cell service at his hotel, so we’re just hoping he’s okay!

But now, here's a more interesting report from our trip – pictures! We've taken over 700 pictures so far, so this is really a very conservative selection...

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