Monday, June 13, 2005


A quick internet search revealed these numbers:

Over 16,000 deer related accidents in the state of Illinois annually. That is roughly 44 per day, and that was the most conservative estimate I found.

In 2002, over 23,600 deer related accidents were reported in the state of Illinois. That averages 65 reported deer related accidents a day... and hit deer are not always reported (5 of our 6 were not).


Ortega Recorder said...

Unbelievable! That is amazing! My vote is that they have open hunting on deer in the state year round for a while, a good while - not only would that make the roads safer, but provide some mighty tasty meals as well :)


PS - Our recent deer accident went unreported as well - another one to add to the statistics.

Kim Kelly said...

Go figure!

You guys go from living on 83 with all of its inherent craziness to the "peace and quiet" of the country. I never thought to factor in the suicidal deer population, though.

So, we pray for God's protection over you all whereEVER you live!