Thursday, June 30, 2005

Random Photo of the Random Moment: A Smashed Van in AZ

This picture was taken in Arizona in April of 2003 shortly after a very close encounter with a very large cow. Needless to say, the van was totaled. Shown in the picture from left to right, we have Jessica, Jeremy, Sara Back (now Erber), and Jeanine still in the van.


And now ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I announce the all original program for the July series of Random Photos of Random Moments.

It will work like this: Whoever is the first person to post a comment on any Random Photo of the Random Moment, will be shown in the next Random Photo!

Now, of course I don't have pictures of everyone in the world, so if I don't have a picture of the first person that comments, I will simply skip over this person and wait for the first person that I do have a photo of.


Yes? Yes?



Ryan Kelly said...

Pictured are the auditions for Stephen Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Erber Correspondent said...

That's Great! LOL!

Well, with you it's not a question of if I have a picture, but which one?

Stay Tuned!


DeLadurantey Family said...

Wow. So this is the famous 'Cow van'!


Erber Correspondent said...


Yes it is. You can't really tell it in the picture, but if you were to draw an imaginary line from the bumper straight up the grill, you would end up about 1" to 2" away from the windshield. The hood was very buckled as you can somewhat tell in the picture.


Anonymous said...

This new photo program for July - is that to encourage or discourage the posting of comments :o)

Ortega Recorder said...

Hey Jonathan -

Where's the picture of the spinning cow?

Mr. Ortega

Erber Correspondent said...


It was intended to be to encourage comments. I promise to do my best to not include all embarasing pictures. :)

Mrs. Ortega,

Unfortunately the camera was the last thing on our mind at the moment. :) However I have a VERY CRISP picture of those few moments permenantly imprinted on my mind. If only I could share those with you, you would be dazzled at the incredible clarity of my memory of the whole situation. I can still even picture the cooler, maps, and many water bottles that littered the floor between the front two seats.

It is amazing what trauma does. :)


Ortega Recorder said...

Jonathan - Thank you for that colorful description - However, this is MR. Ortega you are talking to - I won't mention it this time with the trauma and all (Ha Ha)

MR Ortega

Erber Correspondent said...

Sorry Mr. Ortega,

I got a little shook up looking at that picture, so I guess I kind of missed that. :-D


Anonymous said...

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