Friday, June 17, 2005

"Dog Food Still Warm"

It is my pleasure to announce the all new Erbersetc Blog, Random Photo of the Random Moment!

I was recently encouraged by a friend to start a Photo of the Day for our blog, however in an attempt to be original, and also for the sake of keeping my schedule as free as possible, I chose to start the all new Random Photo of the Random Moment! These photos will range from funny to inspiring, but will hopefully be enjoyed by all. Stay tuned for more to come!

BTW, please understand that we are a little more cat friendly than the title might show.


Ryan Kelly said...

Jonathan, I'm so glad you put that photo up on the blog!

Erber Correspondent said...

When I was putting the picture on the Blog, Dad came up with the picture title, and I couldn't help but put it up :-)


Ortega Recorder said...

Jonathan, the picture is priceless!

The title is great - classic humor - especially knowing your dad came up with it. We know how much he really loves those kitties :)

Mrs. Ortega

L.J. Von said...

Since I have lost respect of cats of late. I think that this picture fits cats perfectly. But I know that some people love cats, so to not hurt anyones feelings, we still do have 6.

Erber Correspondent said...


I agree entirely! However there is one cat that I have a strong distaste for.

It is that Uno one that the Carlson's have :-) (please don't tell them I said this).


Miss Grimes said...

Oh, Jonathan!

They're so cute! We only have one adult cat because my dad is not fond of animals. My sister wants an orange kitten so bad but can't find any!

Miss Grimes

Jen Barnes said...

Way too cute! I love your sense of humor, Mr. Erber!