Friday, June 10, 2005

The Car That Jessica Drove

Just a few hours ago we received a phone call from Jessica (who had gone to a chiropractor appointment) saying that she swerved to avoid adding one more deer kill to our family's long list of animal hits. She then lost control of the car, spun around, headed into the ditch sideways, and hit a tree. We are thankful that she is alive, and not seriously injured. She is currently very sore, and is resting right now.

What is really amazing about this is that about 12 years ago a chiropractor gave her a neck brace to wear when she was in the car. As an act of providence, for the first time since then, she was wearing that neck brace which was a great help in protecting her neck during the accident.


Ortega Recorder said...

Praise be to the Lord that Jessica was preserved! Those pictures alone bear witness to His ever watchful care.

Who would think a deer could be so dangerous? They look so peaceful - - - until they are running at full speed toward YOUR car.

We are praying for a quick recovery from whatever injuries Jessica did sustain.

Love - the Ortegas

Chad said...

The car that Joshua drove isn't looking as bad now is it? :)

Glad Jessica's OK!

Kim Kelly said...

Those photos made this mother's heart skip a beat or two....thanking God for His protection over you, Jess. Feel better soon!

With love, the Kellys

2saints said...

Wow. I sure wish "The Car That Jessica Drove" was as much fun to read as "The Car That Josh Drove" was. I'm so glad to hear Jessica's not seriously injured. Please tell her I'm praying for a very quick and uneventful recovery for her.

Do you all have any cars left or are you all on foot now? :oD

joni huber said...

Dearest Jessica, Our prayers will continue to go up for your healing. We worship and praise our merciful God for your protection!!!Please no more car stories. This mother's heart can't take it. We love you much.

Anna said...

Dear Jess,
I was shocked to see that you got in an accident on Friday.:0
After being gone for the weekend I hope that you are doing much better by this time.

Praise the Lord for His mercy and wonderful protection of His children.:)

Love your sister in Christ,
Anna Joy :)

Erber Correspondent said...

Hello everyone,

Thanks to you all for your prayers and kind words! I'm doing my best to heal quickly. :) The biggest problem right now is that my bruises and achy muscles are keeping me from getting much sleep at night... Yawn!!

Mamas - I'll try to post some heart healthy pictures for you all!

Mrs. 2saint - we do have a couple of vehicles left, but I think we might do well to go on foot. We considered the Amish buggy idea, but the horses could spook or run away. Ours probably would.

But I have nothing to complain about. I could be seriously injured or dead. Apparently the Lord still has some work He wants be to be about here! May I be faithful and true to my Lord and to the work He places before me.

With love and gratitude for the blessing of your friendship, Jessica