Monday, January 30, 2006

Upholstery Pictures

As promised, here are a few photos of the project! Most of the pictures are on N&J's camera and we won't have copies of those until this weekend, but here are a few pictures of the "putting it all back together" part. We "inherited" the chair from our great-great-aunt Gustie when she moved into a nursing home some years back (she'll turn 102 in a few weeks!). Anyway, the material we replaced was a faded, light blue, fuzzy material that didn't match any room in our house. Now, the chair should be right at home in our basement. Thanks SO MUCH, Kaitlyn!


The VHS said...

It looks like it was ALOT of work!
A job well done;what an experience!


Justin Kelly said...

Laides using pneumatic power tools??? All right!


2saints said...

Bravo! It looks terrific.

Now you'll have to do another one pretty soon so you don't forget all you've learned. ;o)

The Serven Clan said...

Wow. We are impressed. How long did the whole project take? Did you have to replace springs, stuffing, etc or just the upholstery?

R for the SC

Erber Correspondent said...

Let's see - we started it on Wednesday night and finished it (aside from a little work on the cushion) Saturday afternoon. We replaced some of the "stuffing" and glued one of the wings that was a little wiggly. Other than that, we just replaced the upholstery.

The Huber Family said...

Great job! Anytime you want more practice come on down and work on the couch and love seat here. Just kidding (about the work not the visit). It is always great fun to learn new skills!