Friday, January 27, 2006


This weekend we are hosting a friend from the Wheaton area. Kaitlyn has mastered the art of reupholstering furniture and has come to share her knowledge with us in a very practical way - by reupholstering a chair of ours. Due to technicalities we can't get the pictures we've taken off of the camera we used, so today I hope to get a few pics with the other camera and then post them! Jeanine and Joanna have been learning more than Mom and myself. I have been occupied with various office (Liberty Day/Constitution Conference) and kitchen work around here, while Mom spent most of yesterday at Jeremy & Sara's taking care of Caroline - who has been very sick this week - so that Sara could get some rest. Sara's mom is now in town and Caroline seems to be (hopefully!) on the mend. More and pictures later...


The VHS said...

Wow,sounds like quite the interesting project. I hope that you learn alot and have FUN doing it. See ya Sunday!

-ANNA :)

The Serven Clan said...

I wish we lived closer!! Though I have messed around trying to figure out reupholstery, I have never taken the plunge to actually do a real project. What a valuable lesson to learn! Love to see pictures if you can.


2saints said...

We're waiting for pictures of the chair, too. Heard you all had fun. :o)

We're looking forward to the Constitution Conference/Liberty Day celebration!

Happy Trails to you... ;o)