Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

No, this picture was not taken at our new year's party - and he's just drinking water! It was taken and sent to us by the Stinnet family on the 2005 Faith & Freedom Tour. The following pictures, however, WERE taken at our end of the year party!

Appropriate festive decor is a MUST on New Year's Eve. We even have a "New Year's" tree tradition... sorry, we don't have any pictures of it!

Ah, yes, the chocolate fountain!! Thanks to the Koeppen family Christmas party for the idea! :-)

This picture is of just one of the fun games we played. We actually have three videos we're considering posting for your amusement - but aren't sure yet if we really want to risk our reputation in that way. We divided up into 3 teams for the evening and the final activity of the night was the creation of a commercial by each team for a certain product... Like I said, I don't know if we'll post them or not! :-)

Oh, and did we mention the chocolate fountain?

At the stroke of midnight (which we kind of missed because we were watching the aforementioned videos), all picture taking was behind us and our party threw a little confetti in the basement and then gathered on the front porch to observe some louder tolling of the new year. Mr. Strand fired his authentic 18th century flint-lock muzzle loader, Jonathan got out his potato gun, and Nathan and Josh created a couple of "bombs" to add to the general noise of the hour.

After the noise subsided, we gathered in the living room to spend some time in prayer - grateful for 2005 and anticipating 2006. Many thanks to the Strands, Englunds, Mrs. Van Dellen and Nathan & Jeanine for joining us for the evening! Happy New Year to you all!


Stinnett Family said...

What a great picture!:)

Erber Correspondent said...

It is a great picture! Thanks!! :)

I hope the Stinnett family is enjoying a wonderful year so far!


Mrs. Van Dellen said...

What a wonderful evening! Being part of such group activities and fellowship is a rich blessing!