Saturday, February 04, 2006

Erber Update

I'm afraid our lives have been fairly boring of late - at least, too boring to be of general interest. We had the Canchola family over last Saturday; Luke VonHolten also spent the day with us; Jessica accompanied Rebecca K. at her recital; N,J & C have been here again; we've had rehearsals for different parts of the upcoming Liberty Day Celebration; music lessons - of course; one of Nathan's friends from law school came over to study with Nathan this past weekend; N&J went to a concert of the Elgin Symphony Orchestra (which means we babysat Corrine!!); the guys visited the VonHolten family for a church guys basketball night (though they also played football); Jessica arranged a piece for a harp/violin duet for Liberty Day; Raeanne C. and Aaron E. both spent a day+ with us over this past weekend to prepare for Liberty Day; Dad and Mom went to a concert at the Coronado Theater in Rockford; registrations for the upcoming constitution conference have been coming in; J,S&C have spent the last couple of weeks taking turns at not feeling well; hmmm, that might pretty well cover the events of this past week.

Now this week should be much more interesting. This weekend will see Dad and most of the Erber guys in Oklahoma City - marking the official beginning of a busy 2006 conference season for Josh and Resounding Voice.

Back home, us ladies will be using their absence as an opportunity to host a Mother Daughter retreat for the ladies in our church and a few other friends. It looks like we're going to have quite a houseful, and I'm sure we'll have a bunch of fun!


Ruth said...

Wow, your quiet days make our busy days seem dead. I thought it was us "city folks" that were supposed to be on the go all the time--not you "country mice".

Sounds interesting, but I like my quiet days--especially now that the weather has turned winterish again.

By the way, if there is any way we can help with the upcoming Liberty Day and Constitution Conference, please let us know.

Erber Correspondent said...

Thank you, thank you, Mrs. M! I don't know of anything that needs to be done right now for Liberty Day aside from practicing! But we'll let you know as the day draws nearer... and it's only a few weeks away!


Kawell Writer said...

Well, I think I just read the longest run-on sentence ever! You know how to make a little seem like a lot!

Jesse Kawell

Erber Correspondent said...

Jesse - Uh, yeah. I don't suppose that was a great example of good grammar... And, yes. If you spread that sentance over a week and divide amongst the eight persons living in our house right now it really isn't that much! But it does keep life interesting. :-)