Monday, February 20, 2006

Packing up... again!

We have been blessed with a loving church family that continually surrounds us with love, support, and practical assistance! Today, once again, we were the beneficiaries of their love.

Having lived in the same home for nearly a year, Nathan & Jeanine are once again moving from their cozy apartment. This time, unfortunately for us, their move is taking them further away from us. But today, while Nathan put in a final preparation for the upcoming bar exam in California (this Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday), in Milwaukee we had a packing day. Mrs. VonHolten and Anna, and Megan Carlson, joined Jeanine, Joanna and Jessica in boxing up all the non-essential belongings in Nathan & Jeanine's apartment. Many hands makes light work and by early afternoon we had finished up! Having finished early, we took advantage of the time and spent it enjoying Greendale's shops and famous Kopp's custard!

Mrs. VonHolten packing up the kitchen

Megan, Anna & Joanna packing

Spending the day with Grandpa & Grandma Erber, Corrine explored new territory: The Stairs!


Anna said...

We sure had fun that day!
There's nothing like making memories working with each other.
Jess, I'll never forget our MANY shared giggles over packing hard to pack items. I think we have been promoted to the professional packers of unique items. :0)


Erber Correspondent said...

Well, that lamp definitely takes the cake! We should get an award for that one, I think! :-)

We got pretty good at taping boxes, too - even if I didn't always have my finger in the right place... :-) Thanks for putting up with me!