Monday, February 13, 2006

The Mother/Daughter Weekend

As our guys were down in Oklahoma, we chose this past weekend to host a Mother/Daughter retreat for the ladies in our church as well as a few friends. We ended up with around 45 ladies in our home on Friday about 25 spending the night and then somewhere just above 30 here on Saturday. It was, of course, a lot of fun and FULL of variety! Here are some pictures - and commentary!

Richard Carlson was the only young man present for the weekend. He didn't seem to mind.

Mrs. Strand spoke to us after lunch on Friday on the meal table being an expression of love to our families.
Rebecca Knottnerus gave us some tips on singing, led us through some vocal exercises, and then divided us into sections and taught us a song of praise with harmonies and a descant.
Later on Friday afternoon Mrs. Miller demonstrated preparing sauerkraut and told us all the wonderful health benefits of the food and others like it!|
Mrs. VanDellen led our time following dinner on Friday and encouraged us to hold tightly to the Anchor of our Souls - Jesus Christ.

After breakfast on Saturday, Mrs. VonHolten talked with us about prayer in the life of a woman.

Saturday's mid-morning activity was learning to bone (or is it debone?) raw chicken. Megan Carlson demonstrated the tricks to the trade for us, and then we cooked up the chickens for lunch!

Saturday afternoon as we realized everyone was leaving, someone pointed out that we hadn't taken a group photo. So, here is a group photo - of about half of us!


2saints said...

It was a ton of fun! Thanks so much for letting us join you for the weekend. It was good to catch up a bit with everyone.

BTW, I think it was a family camp where we first met, Maggie. Brian can't remember exactly either. :o)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica,

We would love to get that sauerkraut recipe!We have just been reading about fermenting etc. this past week. We homeschoolers always think we are so original until we realize everyone else is reading the same books :).
Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth Serven

Erber Correspondent said...

Boy, that's so true! I'm often surprised how unoriginal I am!

We'll e-mail you with the info you're looking for.

Mrs. E

Erber Correspondent said...


The dip you brought was yummy... could you please send me the recipe? (I know you told me what you did, but, well, ummmm, my memory just ain't that great!)


Mrs. Van Dellen said...

What a fun, wholesome weekend! I am so glad for the opportunity to be a part of it all.

The Huber Family said...

We would sure like you to forward the info on the sauerkraut to us also. We were sure wishing we were there with you all! Did you tape anything? Lori's talk on prayer would interest me. If not taped,it would be great to have some highlights that blessed you.

Thanks a bunch--Love ya,


The Huber Family said...

Thanks for the inspiration! We have been thinking about doing something like that down here :) Now I am all excited again.