Monday, February 27, 2006

Cousins & Home News

Last night we had the privilege of hosting the world's two sweetest little girls - and their parents, of course. We enjoyed the simple pleasure of sitting around with family chatting, eating, talking, having ice cream, laughing, and enjoying our chief amusements - the little girls!

Other news from the home front:

*Nathan finished the bar exam! He, Jeanine, and Corrine are living with us for the next week until they move into their new home.

*Jonathan took second place in the annual Chandler Starr Miller Scholarship Competition.

*Final preparations for Liberty Day and the conference associated with this year's celebration will keep us busy this week! We have already had a large number of registrations come in, but there's still room for you! Drop us an email if you'd like to come. So far we have attendees coming from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio! It looks to be an interesting day and an exciting evening! Lots of work, laughter, study, and practice has gone into this year's performances for the evening celebration. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!


Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Kawell Writer said...

Oh they're just beautiful.We can't wait to see them!

The VHS said...

AW! WOW, what fun ya'll must have.