Monday, April 04, 2005

Moving Time!

It's moving time!! No, we're not moving... but on Saturday, Nathan & Jeanine moved into their 4th house in the first year of their marriage! (They claim only three since one of the houses was a temporary house sitting situation.) But the story of why they moved, why they when they moved, and why they moved when the moved where they moved is too long to delve into here, suffice to say that Saturday night with only 2.5 weeks until Baby's due date, they were glad to have a roof over their heads. Even if it did mean packing up all their stuff and moving it to an apartment ... only three blocks away!!

This is a photo of the darling little apartment that they moved out of on Saturday. The door just to the left of the lattice-framed door was theirs.

Josiah helped the guys pack up the old apartment while Jeanine, Joanna and I (Jessica) went over to the new one to clean.

Jeanine unpacks boxes in her new kitchen.

Later in the afternoon, the boys relax after re-arranging the living room furniture for the third or fourth time!

While us kids were helping Nathan & Jeanine move, Dad and Mom were at a Friday night/Saturday ICHE board meeting. After the meeting they drove up and had dinner with us. As always, family dinners are a lot of fun - though it looks serious here!

And as it has been pointed out that I am not in many of the blog pictures, here's Saturday dinner from another angle!

And here is their new home! They have the main level apartment to the lefthand side of the lefthand door! :)


DeLadurantey Family said...

Thanks for posting the photos!I am sure it will be a long while before they are organized enough to send photos to us, between the move and Jr.'s arrival:)

Love the woods in the back...looks nice and homey! I am sure they really appreciate all the help in moving. So good to have family that lives nearby.

Sarah...for the Del Crew!

Erber Correspondent said...

We'd tried to organize them as best as we could... but I'm sure it will still take a while for them to feel organized and be able to find everything when they want to!

BTW, everybody - If you try to contact them by email, don't expect a reply until this weekend or later! Their phone line won't be hooked up for several days yet. :) So, unless you know their cell number, there's no reaching them this week - a second honeymoon! (sort of)

DeLadurantey Family said...

Yes, Amber chatted a bit with Nathan today and heard about the phone situation. So we can contact them via the cell, but I think they will probably enjoy that second honeymoon too! Except this time there is a third party involved...:)

Thanks for the info! Love the blog. Aren't blogs such a good way to keep people updated?