Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Resounding Voice Recording Studio Happenings

Yesterday a friend from our church, Miss Becky Knottnerus, came over to record a sample CD for advertising. She'll be giving copies of the CD to a variety of wedding planners in her area, so it was wedding music on the docket! As you can see in the picture - Becky sang, Jessica accompanied, Joshua recorded. We spent the afternoon in Josh's studio recording three songs: Cherish the Treasure, O Perfect Love, and The Lord's Prayer. I think the product will turn out well, but in the mean time, if anyone is getting married and is looking for a soloist...


Ryan Kelly said...

I'd be interested in getting a copy of CD...particularly interested in hearing how Joshua's equipment records music performances...Plus, Becky's got a great voice - I'm sure the recording went well.

The Serven Clan said...

Hi Erbers,

Once we get well settled in Missouri, we hope to finish the basement of our would be house, and build a sound room for recordings. . . we will have to pick your brain on how you did it!
Rebecca for the clan

DeLadurantey Family said...

How neat! I am sure you had lots of fun recording:)


Erber Correspondent said...

Phew! I've gotten behind on replying to comments!!

Ryan - we'll get you a copy of the recording. I'm sure Josh would be happy to let you in on any equipment research.

Rebecca - It's nothing all too fancy, but we can tell you what we did! Actually, maybe you should come see it... :)

Sarah - It was fun! But I tell you, I prefer live performances over studio recording. There's a lot more pressure!! When it's a live performance, you can make a mistake, fudge your way through it and go on, smile and bow. With a recording, it HAS to be PERFECT and then is past around and people can listen to it again, and again, and critique it... Ugh!