Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spring is... springing?

Spring appears to actually be making an appearance in Chemung, Illinois, today! Despite yesterday's snow (patches of which still remain scattered throughout the yard), today was Springy enough to beg us outdoors for lunch. Temperatures reached the mid-40's as we enjoyed the warm sunshine and an easy lunch (aka leftovers) together on our front porch. Spring is the time to eat outdoors because there aren't any bugs yet (although I saw two) and there's nothing like spring air. Actually, our family tends to be fanatical when it comes to fresh air. This past January I even found a sibling (who will remain anonymous) in her bedroom enjoying a good book curled up in an easy chair next to an open window during a snow storm! "Isn't it nice?" she inquired as I entered the room...

Anyway, lunch outside is traditionally a default setting here throughout the Spring, and as we're enjoying it for the first time today we had to share it with you all!

Now, back to the work!


Kim Kelly said...

It's so nice to hear that you all are getting a chance to experience spring.....after all, we have been in the midst of it for a while now and soon will be thrust SQUARELY into summer. Yes, our jonquils have long lost their blooms and the azalea blooms are quickly fading. A thick coat of yellow green tinted pollen coats every outdoor surface. BUT.....we have been able to have our windows open for a few weeks now. What a thrill, knowing that they will soon be shut tight for an extended period of time while our A/C runs nonstop.

Congratulations on your springtime! May you enjoy it for a long time and work your way into a pleasant summer. Then you can tell us all about it, and we can live vicariously through your tales.

Still in the 70's near Houston,
the Kellys

Ryan Kelly said...

Well, I didn't eat lunch outside, but I was out reading a book in my lawn chair from about midnight to 1am last night...does that count?

I enjoyed looking at your family picture you put up on the blog. I just put our fam's pic up on ours...

Erber Correspondent said...

Mrs. Kelly - May your air conditioning not fail you during Houston's summer! :)

Ryan - the problem with being outdoors between midnight and one instead of noon and one is the lack of sunshine in the former circumstance... But otherwise, if you want to sit outside in the middle of the night - go right ahead!


DeLadurantey Family said...


That looks so lovely. Apparently spring shines it's lovely face sooner in ILL, than MI:) Today was beautiful, but not quite as warm as it appears to be there. Enjoy the sunshine for me...and Happy Easter!


2saints said...

No jackets yesterday?!? Maybe we need to move NORTH. :oD

The Serven Clan said...

Dear Jessica,

This is my first comment! :) I have not had quite as much time to play around with this new mode of communication.

It looks like a lovely day in IL. In California spring starts in January :). To tell the truth we really don't have a winter season. But...we are looking forward to enjoying 4 seasons in Missouri.

Have a great day!
In Christ,
Elizabeth Serven

Erber Correspondent said...

Hi Elizabeth! It's good to have you here! I think you are in for a great treat moving to a place where there are 4 seasons. It's really a lot of fun - at least, I think so! I hope all your packing and moving preparations are going well.


The Serven Clan said...

Dear Jessica,

Ah yes...packing, packing and more packing. We are in the middle of it all. Our goal is to get quite a bit packed before we list the house next Monday. Today we packed over 30 boxes of books. This is the only negative to collecting books.

I can't believe my Mom has done this 8 times before without any help! What a big job.

I enjoyed your Easter pictures.
Hope you all are well,
Elizabeth S.

Erber Correspondent said...

Books, books and more books! When we moved (7 years ago) I seem to remember moving quite a number of book boxes - I'd hate to think how many we'd have now! Our book collection has decreased, though, since Jeanine & Jeremy took all their books with them when they married.

Well, I hope the packing and house selling goes really well for you all! Have you done any house hunting in Missouri yet?


The Serven Clan said...

Dear Jessica,

Several well meaning friends have already suggested that means for thining down our load of possesions :). But as of right now nobody is heading for the door.

We have done a little house hunting via the internet. Dad and Mom are planning a trip out in late April or early May to seriously look. We are trusting the Lord will provide us with just the right house.

I guess I am supposed to post on the newest blog, oh well :).

How fun to have a recording studio! That is one of our many ideas for our new house. Peter is really getting into the filming side of things. And Nathan, Rebecca and I have had a chance to make a few very low profile cd's in my Dads study. We are coming to appreciate the value of having good equipment.

It is rather comical trying to record with lots of little ones around as well as various animals. We had to redo a whole song when Peter's Dog started barking :).

In Christ,

Erber Correspondent said...

Thankfully, we don't have any dogs to interrupt our recording, but Josh did get nervous one time when our neighbors started mowing their lawn, but the recording ended up turning out okay!