Thursday, March 03, 2005

Calm between the storms!

Joseph takes a break after a week of "Spring Cleaning" (a deceptive term as we have snow again) and a day of Baby Shower preparations! Tomorrow we'll be having about 45+ ladies here to celebrate the baby due in the DeLadurantey branch of the family. Yes, 45 ladies and just 2 young men - Joseph and Josiah. Josh and Jonathan have been down in Ohio all week helping Sara's family with some building projects. Today they drove over to St. Louis, MO where they will meet up with Dad, Mr. Marlin Strand (the other elder in our church), and a group of other men for a conference on eldership this weekend. It sounds like it should be a really great conference, but I personally think us ladies will have more fun! Joseph & Josiah have been whispering and planning things to do during the shower - that is, when they aren't serving the ladies as bellboys.

Jessica Erber

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