Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Today Jonathan celebrates his 17th birthday! Happy Birthday!


Anthony said...

Happy birthday Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! I noticed that in one of the Christmas pictures, you were wearing one of Joe's shirts. You looked very good in it.
Mrs. Foley

Ryan Kelly said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Have you visited the Kelly family blog? Check out:

P. J. S. said...

Your still a spring Chicken!

I meant to say,
Happy Birthday!

DeLadurantey Family said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Hope you had a great 17th birthday celebration.

The DeLadurantey Family

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jonathan!!

We know it's late, but hope you had a great day in spite of our tardiness. ;o) Hope today is even better for you.

all the 2saints

Erber Correspondent said...

Thanks all!

I sure don't feel 17. I always remember looking at 17+ as being so old. :-) But I am here to witness that that isn't true (well, at least I don't feel old

Maybe the + part is more realistic?

Thanks again!

the Noises said...

Hey Jonathan,
Better late than never! A happy belated birthday greeting from us frozen Mainers! I guess our brains haven't thawed out yet.
Well, you are looking spiffy in spite of being 17! (he, he).
Aunt Clorinda and Uncle Dick